Cleaning out the Shed

I had a good amount of time after work today to rumble through a quick little project, which was cleaning out my shed. We have a rather large shed located on one side of our home. By very large, I mean it would make a good size bedroom, complete with it’s own bathroom. It’s a nice add-on to the house that was here when we purchased, so we didn’t have to do any work to it. The shed is pretty old, as evidenced by the bowing of the floors, and the makeshift structure that it’s laying on top of. The best part of it is that it has shelving all around, with some space to stand things up as well.

The shed was in need of a good cleaning, which it hadn’t properly received since, well, before we bought the place. There was still some old guttering from the previous owners that was left in there, along with a few years of junk that I had accumulated, and lazily shoved in there for a ‘rainy day’. Mainly this was a re-organization project, to go along with a full sweep and de-clutter. But there was some good stuff that was found in there.