Fixing up the Roof

Now, as you can see from my earlier posts, I’m pretty handy. I can build some stuff, and like to dabble in multiple home improvement projects at one time. That being said, my time is very important to me (so is my money), and there’s quite a few things that I like to hire out when it comes to my home. The roof happens to be one of those things, because, for one, I have a fear of heights and don’t like standing more than a few feet off the ground. Call me a wimp, but I like to be on flat ground where I know I can’t fall very far and hurt myself.

We moved into our house about 5 years ago. When we moved in, we were informed that the roof, along with the gutters probably only had a couple years left in them. I had a buddy look at the roof and he told me that if I didn’t have the roof replaced by 2015, then I was gonna get some water damage, and be in danger of paying for more services than I needed to. (Side note: I have a tendency to neglect things sometimes, especially when they come with a hefty price tag).

After talking with my wife, and agreeing that it was time to get the roof replaced, I make a call to a Fort Collins Roofing company. Check them out here: I spoke with Katrina, and she said I would have a specialist out to look at the roof to see if insurance would pay for most of it, or if there was no hail damage, how much the roof would cost me out of pocket. I can’t tell you how nervous I was to get the final estimate, to see if I would be just a little lighter in the wallet, or a LOT lighter.

Turns out, there was some heavy hail damage to the roof (we had a TON of rain and hail this spring), so my Farmers Insurance would be covering the claim, and only about $1K would come out of my pocket. I’m not saying that I’m going to book a vacation to Belize because of this great news, but I definitely will be taking my wife out to a very nice dinner as a result!

The best part of getting a new roof is being able to match the new shingles to the paint that we chose when we re-painted the house last year. Our shingles were red, and we got a gray-green paint on the house, so it didn’t match at all, it more than stuck out like a sore thumb. Katrina said they would be giving me the choice of color, and I would be very happy with the selection because of the grade of shingle that was going to on my roof. Sounds like if we get anymore hail, my roof is going to be just fine, and will last about 20-25 years. Pretty good news there.

Here’s a pic of the roof as it is, and you can see the paint that we got, so the shingles don’t at all match the new paint…

The one thing that absolutely kills me about most homeowners is that they don’t get things fixed at all when they live in a house. When I bought my first home, my Dad told me to make sure that I did one big fix per year on the house. Whether that was a new coat of paint, a new roof, new siding, or doing something with the interior, taking care of your home is something that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Not only will it increase the value of the house, but it will give you a sense of accomplishment knowing that you are taking care of your home and making it last much longer than it would if you didn’t take care of it.

The constant upkeep sometimes is very hard to keep up with, but when you make sure to simply ensure you are doing that one fix per year, you will feel much better about where you live.

I’ll give an update on the roofing project next time I post!