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Welcome to our humble little blog. We wanted to find a way to express how we felt about the different type of home Services, and thought that a blog would be an fantastic way to do just that.

My name is Sammy, and my brother Aaron will be joining in from time to time to put his special little spin on things. We like to discuss all the different ways that people can DIY around the house, as well as talk about the myriad of services that you really need to get a specialist to take care of.

We’re not experts in the DIY field, but we grew up around a hammer, know how to mud & tape, and love to figure things out on the fly. Our Dad coined the slogan (at least in our home growing up), ‘If you can’t do it yourself, then it must be really messed up.’ ┬áSo you know where we get our form of crazy from…

Dad still helps with a lot of my and Aaron’s projects, but it’s more in a directional way, telling us what needs to be done if we don’t know what to do already. His vast knowledge is better when he’s got a beer in his hand and doesn’t want to take over the job himself, but it’s good to have him around helping.

The fun part is that we’ve Aaron and I both have families and kids now, so we keep talking about building cool stuff for the kids to play on. Dad built us a treehouse when we were younger, which was a great motivating tool for us to learn how to build stuff.

house on tree in summer garden

Dad built us this Treehouse when we were kids, and refurbished it recently!

Ultimately, we love being at home, and creating different things for family, friends, and their kids to enjoy is enjoyable to us.

Some things you’ll be able to DIY, and other’s you simply won’t.

You can always scroll through our posts by going to the Home Page. Enjoy!

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